Facebook Marketing Tool: Ensuring Swarm of Customers

Huge Facebook accounts being opened up daily and marketing being all about swarming of customers on shop or on website or by latest, on any social media site, Facebook has emerged as very potential tool of marketing.

Advertisement campaigns of all the companies, big or small alike, contain their Facebook ids at the foot of the ad. This shows; Facebook has become one of the essentials of a marketing campaign. So, it is apt time to have a look on Social Media Marketing in its totality.

Viability and Feasibility of Facebook Marketing

A lot has been written in articles and shown over videos about Facebook marketing but it is required to be judged its viability and feasibility on factual grounds.

Facts about Facebook as available on its website:-

• The number of active Facebook user is 500 Million+. It signifies the viability of Facebook as an effective tool of marketing.
• Facebook is available in 100 languages covering 1/3rd of world population. It makes Facebook the fittest factor for business promotion.
• One recent publication reads that number of active user members of Facebook has grown up by 25% in 47 countries. It is again imparts vitality to Facebook to be used in growth of a business.
• More than 85% of American women actively use social networking sites. Of them 95% are Facebook users.
• More than 50% of them who shop online have Facebook profiles.

As effectiveness of any tool depends upon the personal skill of its user so in the case of Facebook its use in marketing of business and its products and/or services depends upon what the user does with Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Potential Made Easy

On account of its 500 million users Facebook has immense potential of business promotion by making the “friends” as big promoters, supporters and finally prospective clients and by executing a well-planned strategy as exampled below—

Firstly, in November 2009 Michael Stelzner wrote a blog named “Social Media Examiner”. Instead of launching his publication using traditional marketing methods he strongly opted for social media marketing networks and finally chose Facebook for it. Published on Facebook, his blog was rated No.1 on Technorati for best Business Blogs. At “Social Media Examiner” there were precisely 100,000 subscribers before 1st quarter closed in. Stelzner, thereby, enjoyed remarkable increase in sales and in his business all around.

Secondly, Target launched Party Planning Page and got it published traditionally resulting in only 6% increase in sales whereas Target’s Facebook Fan Page resulted in 20% more customers flocking in his store as Facebook fans and these fans contributed to his sales more and more.

Thirdly, in 2009, Morton’s Steakhouse shined up a Valentine’s Day photo promotion on Facebook. The result was very encouraging in terms of huge sales and all around business promotion.

Facebook Works Abundant

Eminent analysts have sung a lot of praises for Facebook. Analyst Kevin Ertell exclaimed as such-“Facebook by far is the best place online to reach customers” and strongly advised the businessmen to get a Facebook page for monetary benefits.
Some people raise a question about viability of Facebook marketing. It has got to be answered as such-Work on Facebook marketing and let Facebook work in Abundance for YOU!