Instagram for Marketing and Business Promotion

Instagram is basically a video and image sharing site. It is all about taking a picture or making a video and instantly sharing with friends and getting their comments and likes instantly. It has been very effective in developing a social network of friends and relatives by sharing their likes, comments, suggestions and thereby improving the quality of instagram posts. Thus the idea of using Instagram for marketing the products and promoting the business emerged.

In 5 ways Instagram can be utilized in business:-

Using Hashtag Wonderfully
Hashtag is a very effective tool of making followers and enhancing their numbers. Twitter and Facebook are already using Hashtag for this purpose. It helps in searching the contents and it, the Hashtag, also makes the Instagram posts viral benefitting the business immensely.

Role of Photos and Videos in Business Promotion
Photos are very effective means of visual communication in exactness of faces or products. When it comes to marketing a product, making it from brand to super-brand and creating wide awareness of the business regarding to its people, policies and ethics Instagram becomes hugely beneficial to the company. Being one-timer in instagramming the photos and videos will not do! There has to be continuity in posting photos and short videos regularly at short intervals. It does not need to hire professionals for the above; the promoter of the business himself can do it applying his creativity. It is advised to take due care, while taking photos, of highlighting the features and functions of the product and, while making video, show your employees in action making live product reviews.
People like media files rather than texts; photos and videos live in their memories for long time and help establishing and growing the business.

Competition and Contest
Competitions and contests are tried and tested tools of marketing a product. Awareness is aroused among the people about the product and the concerned company. Cookery contest and photo contest are already popular in our societies. Instagram too can be used as product promotion tool. By encouraging people to instagram their photos with the product and announcing that most creative photo along with their product will be chosen to award the product to the contestant in a function. Sure! Impact will be rewarding in business and product promotion.

Instagram Success Track
It is advised to keep track of success of Instagram campaign of marketing. There are certain Apps that can help in tracking the growth in customer base, ascertaining popularity of posts and advising right time to post content. Such tracking may not look effective at the beginning but in the long run the efforts bear fruits in form of established business with a name.

Live Contacts with Users
It is most advisable to the enterprises, which have limited access to market, to keep their contacts with customers alive and be always in touch with them. In terms of Instagram it is that its followers play very important role in generating credibility and maintaining visual presence of the business for a long-long time. It has to be made certain that customers’ feedbacks are duly acknowledged and their comments and questions are promptly replied. These are the key factors of the success of business.

In nutshell, if Instagram is put to use in the business as described above the business is bound to grow in boosted sales and revenues and in developed and visible brand awareness.