What are the ways to get more facebook likes?

Facebook was originally meant for making Friend-making a Global phenomenon and steadily it has become. As evolution is law of nature Facebook has, by times, evolved itself as a vital tool of business promotion. Be enhancing on-line sales; latest product launch; launching and ad-on to a mobile app; spreading awareness about a new business and/or product; means to say; Facebook has evolved itself to have strong foothold in every aspect of Business Development.

No doubt; business promotion through Facebook is very much result-bearing but things are not so straight when it comes to. First of all; ensure flocking in of audience on Facebook account of your business; secondly motivating the audience to visit your website i.e. driving in of traffic; qualified leads have to be built up out of the traffic; and transforming the leads into real Customer.

Let me elaborate the vital points and step-by-step move towards winning real customer who is sole reason for Business formation and its Development and Growth.

By following the steps detailed below we will be able to Get More Facebook Likes:

1. Incorporate necessary information in your Facebook page helping the one who makes a search for your company.

It has to be ensured that every section of your Facebook page has a to-the-point content helping making searches. It has to be kept in mind that search engines index the content on your page so that more and more ‘likers’ or say fans strongly feel visiting your page. Care should be taken that every section of your Facebook page is optimized with most suitable keywords. Avoid crowding of keywords. After carefully crafting your Facebook page please ensure that the ‘About us’ section deals following points in all the openness of things as detailed below:-

2. Facebook ‘Like Box’ embedded in your website/blog.

Facilitate your ‘page’ to be easily searchable and reachable to your favorite contacts. This will make your business Facebook account presentable to your concerned marketing Channels. Any obstacle in the way of smooth reaching to the ‘page’ and to the Marketing Channels must be felled down.

It is better to have a website or blog which can utilize many of the social plugins of Facebook so that visitors get straight to ‘Like’ of your ‘page’. The visitor can skip going over to Facebook.com each time.

If content on the web is allowed to be liked Facebook’s like button is to be pressed since the ‘Like Box’ is designed only for Facebook pages. The ‘Like Box’ can be taken as social proof that would broaden your ‘Page’ towards greater acceptance. The number of ‘likes’ of your page is displayed side-by-side the faces of your Facebook favorites or say, fans. If you like to appear on your website/Blog please customize your button to generate the code and affix it on your website or Blog.

3. Let the current contacts ‘Like’ your page.

It is very natural that your friends, family, relatives wish and want you to remain available on business page of your Facebook Account. Over promotion to less interested connection should be avoided.

Current connections when asked to ‘like’ your ‘page’ and if-and-when they do; then they become fans. Those who are on Facebook can be suggested to like your ‘page’ by the method recommended as such! A list of emails uploaded>email account-holders who are also on Facebook may be made to see a suggestion to like your page. Suggestion will read as “Recommended Pages”. Those who are not on Facebook cannot see the suggestion.

On how to upload a list of email contacts through Facebook; move as such>open the menu named “Build Audience” which is located at top right of your Facebook page and then select “Invite Email Contacts”.

4. Inviting Office & Factory Personnel to ‘like’ your ‘Page’

Your employees can be motivated and activated to click to ‘like’ your ‘page’ in good numbers impacting value-addition to your ‘page’ by attracting more and more ‘likes’ from general people who naturally ‘like’ the ‘page’ which has already good-n-great following. Such ‘liking’ should be followed by asking them to ‘share’ and ‘comment’ on the contents posted by your Facebook team. In furtherance, your employees can be asked to utilize their social media profiles to rank up your ‘Page’ by huge linking and clicking.

5. Offline ways to rank up your ‘Page’

If you have on-road shop/store you can make your loyal customers your Facebook fans in following ways:-

A  Promote name of your page on front glass windows
B  Incorporate your Facebook URL in your receipt
C  Make an offer of instant discount to the customers who your Facebook fans
D Incorporate your Facebook page link and links on other social media profiles on to coupons, catalogs, printed ads, visiting cards etc.

6. Using Twitter and Linkedin Accounts as cross promotion

Twitter and Linkedin profiles-personal as well as official/business-should be added a link to your Facebook page. At intervals, keep twitting about your Facebook page and stay connected with Linkedin so that your followers remain connected on these as well as on other social media networks.

Your Facebook page too should be added up with your Twitter profile and tweet time-to-time about your Facebook page. In Marketing, it is called cross-promotion and it is a wonderful working strategy; so apart from Twitter; Linkedin, Flicker, YouTube etc. should also be brought in fold of cross-promotion. It should be very much kept in mind that cross-promotion is done on strategic intervals so that other audience which you have developed with great efforts are NOT spammed.