Why SoundCloud is Popular for Marketing Music?

SoundCloud as the name suggests means loads of music. This is really true in context of this popular music site. If you are a music lover then you must know SoundCloud. It has emerged as a life saver for musicians. Their jobs have become much easier due to this site. All they have to do is prepare good music and rest of the work is done by the site. They don’t have to worry about how to promote their music or how to get listeners for their track. This site has a million user databases. Artists just need to register themselves on the site and upload their tracks and rest of the work is done by SoundCloud.

New musicians are using this site to get listeners for their track. Since they are new in the industry and nobody knows them. There tracks speaks for them. They just need to have some plays, likes, downloads, comments and reposts on their tracks to get them noticed by the listeners. SoundCloud has many advantages like reposts and having followers on the tracks. Followers repost your track in their social networking group. In this way new musicians get a lot of publicity. However once you upload your track on the site then you have to keep a close eye on the number of plays on your track. It signifies that how many times your track is played by the listeners. Since there are numerous musicians available on the site and hence thousands of tracks are uploaded on the site in every single minute. Your track might get piled up in all those unnoticeable tracks and all your efforts can go in vain. Your tracks can get you recognized and if they are unnoticed by listeners then you will also become an unknown identity on the site instead of preparing the best music.

Well want to know why SoundCloud is so popular. You can find out once you read the following facts.

Reasons for the Popularity Of SoundCloud

. One of the most key feature of SoundCloud is that it allows artist to upload their music with distinctive URL. This feature helps listeners to download the tracks easily apart from this they can share it on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

. Users can join and maintain their own group where they can share music and ideas allowing them to have a common space.

.Registered SoundCloud users are given privileges such as they are allowed to listen as much content as they wish to hear and moreover they are allowed to download 180 hours of music to their profile. Well what’s the big deal? The news is that registration is almost free of cost. That’s means you can get all the benefits free.

.SoundCloud distributes music through cutting edge technology by developing widgets and applications. So, that users can save these widgets and applications in their personal web space.

.What’s more in store. Yes there is. SoundCloud transforms music in to waveforms and allows listeners to comment on parts of track so that musicians get to know which part of their track is best and which part requires some more attention.

. Other features are also there likes, comments, reposts, plays and many more.

SoundCloud also has the feature of paid membership for those who wish to listen for more than 3 hours of music that is $59/year for downloading up to six hours track and $145/year for unlimited download. SoundCloud won the schroders Innovation award at the 2011 European tech tour award dinner. SoundCloud so far has become one of the most successful audio distribution platform and it has given music industry many young and better talent and there is lot more to come.